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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Program Terms: Fall- Embedded (P), Spring- Embedded (P), Summer- Embedded (P), Winter- Embedded (P)
  • Restrictions: PSU applicants only
Program Description:

How to Propose an Embedded/Graduate Program

An embedded program is a short-term education abroad experience that is offered as a component or supplement to an academic course taught in residence on a Penn State campus.

In order to minimize institutional risk and to ensure compliance with University Policy FN20 and Penn State International Travel Requirements, the Education Abroad Office asks faculty and departments (graduate and undergraduate) organizing and/or sponsoring embedded programs to submit information and necessary documentation to Education Abroad.

When embedded programs can take place?

University Faculty Senate Policy 34-81 requires each student to "be registered for the course during the semester in which [its] requirements are completed and the grade or symbol must be assigned at the end of that semester." Among a variety of considerations, this Senate policy recognizes and is intended to comply with United States Department of Education Title IV regulations.

Penn State courses occasionally involve travel or other activities that cannot take place during the semester boundaries in which the course is offered. In line with University Faculty Senate policy and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost:

Penn State courses are term-based and therefore must fall wholly within the semester dates established by the university for the fall, spring and summer terms. This will apply to all courses that have previously bridged semesters and will not be limited to those that carry a post-semester travel component.

When coursework, including but not limited to travel, will occur after the close of a semester, an additional course must be offered during the term in which the extended activity occurs. Course credit for the initial course and for the subsequent course must reflect the content of each course. The approval of new courses that cover extended travel or activities, and amendments to existing courses that prepare students for the extended activities, are subject to University Faculty Senate course approval policies and procedures.

Semester begin and end dates

Proposal Pre-Decision Deadlines (Phase 1):

Ideally proposals should be submitted at least 3-6 months prior to departure. Embedded courses should follow the program timelines listed below in order to ensure that planning remains on track, students have sufficient time to prepare, and Penn State Global can review itineraries and rosters in detail.  Please note that the following deadlines are earlier than previous years, in order to allow for more extensive review and preparation. 

Phase 1 Proposal items include general and academic information, onsite partner details, contingency plans, financial considerations, and two approvals - one from your academic leadership and one from your financial office.
  • August 15: For embedded programs with travel during fall semester 
  • September 1: For embedded programs with travel during winter break 
  • October 10: For embedded programs with travel during spring semester (spring break)
  • January 15: For embedded programs with a travel component in the Maymester or summer semester
If proposals are being filled out by an administrative coordinator and not the program leader that is traveling with the group, all program leaders will need to complete a short risk management application.  Program leaders will receive an email from the Education Abroad office regarding this process once the program is approved.

Post-Decision Deadlines (Phase 2):

Phase 2 proposal items includes the final roster of students, a detailed itinerary, program leader requirements, and emergency contact information for the program, to be submitted by the following dates:

  • September 15 - fall semester embedded programs with a travel component in the fall
  • October 15 - winter break embedded programs with a travel component in late December or early January
  • December 10 - spring semester embedded programs programs with a travel component from mid January to end of April
  • March 1 - all embedded programs with a travel component in the Maymester or summer semester
These deadlines must be followed to ensure that scholarship money is disbursed to any students who were awarded the Embedded Programs Scholarship for their program. All students must be 18 at time of travel.

Customized Programs Partner Policy

Education Abroad, in guidance from the Education Abroad Advisory Council, will require all newly-proposed customized and faculty-led programs and customized/faculty-led programs running for the first time to work with a contracted onsite partner (i.e., private educational entity, a full-service program provider, institutional/university partner, non-profit organization, travel logistics company) to arrange for critical program components beginning in summer 2023 (Customized Programs Partner Policy). 

Existing customized and faculty-led programs (i.e., programs that have run at least once prior to summer 2023)  will be required to work with a third-party partner if not already doing so, with a phased approach over several years. Customized programs team staff will work strategically with existing program leaders to vet and acquire these services based on program needs, logistical demands, and/or risk exposure. 

More Information

We encourage proposers and program leaders to visit the Embedded Programs Sites page for step-by-step instructions on program development, the proposal process, implementation, and execution of the course. For questions, contact the Embedded Programs team at

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer- Embedded (P) 2023 01/15/2023 TBA TBA
Fall- Embedded (P) 2023 08/16/2023 TBA TBA
Winter- Embedded (P) 2023-2024 09/02/2023 TBA TBA
Spring- Embedded (P) 2024 10/11/2023 TBA TBA
Summer- Embedded (P) 2024 01/16/2024 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed