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Program search results
Program search results
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*Embedded: ARAB 99/499 - Youth Life in Egypt - University Park Alexandria Egypt Middle East
Cairo Egypt Middle East
*Embedded: BIOL 497 - African Savannah Biology in Kenya - University Park Masai Mara Kenya Africa
Nairobi Kenya Africa
*Embedded: BIOL 499 - Tropical Field Ecology - University Park Alajuela Costa Rica Latin America
*Embedded: CRIM 451 - Race, Crime, and Justice - University Park Willemstad Curacao Latin America & Caribbean
*Embedded: CRIMJ 499 - Serial Killers and the European Criminal Justice System - Fayette London United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: CSD 499 - Embedded Study Abroad - University Park (Spring Break) Belize City Belize Latin America
*Embedded: EMSC 299 - EMS Study Away with The GREEN Program - University Park (Spring Break) Placencia Belize Central America
*Embedded: ENGL 297H - Paris in Popular Culture - Berks Paris France Europe
*Embedded: ENGL 50 - Introduction to Creative Writing - Hazelton Dublin Ireland Europe
*Embedded: ERM 499 - Human Impacts on a Fragile Environment - University Park Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica
Ushuaia Argentina South America
*Embedded: FIN 456/599 - International Capital Markets and Finance Foreign Study - Harrisburg (Spring Break) London United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: HDFS 499 - Understanding the Italian Family: Historical and Cultural Contexts - Mont Alto Florence Italy Europe
Venice Italy Europe
*Embedded: HIST 144 - The World at War 1939-1945 - Harrisburg (Spring Break) Bayeux France Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Paris France Europe
*Embedded: HIST 179H - Modern Latin American History - Berks (Spring Break) Mexico City Mexico Latin America
*Embedded: INART 5 - Performing Arts - Harrisburg (Spring Break) London United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: INART 50Z / ENG 214 / HDFS 101N - The Science of Music in Lisbon / Travel Writing in Lisbon / Understanding Social Problems in Cross-Cultural Perspective - Brandywine (Spring Break) Lisbon Portugal Europe
*Embedded: IST 497/MGMT 497 - Design Thinking in Germany: AI and App Development - Abington Berlin Germany Europe
Hof Germany Europe
*Embedded: KINES 299 - Kinesiology Foreign Studies - Beaver (Spring Break) San José Costa Rica Latin America
*Embedded: LHR 499 - Comparative Employment Relations - World Campus (Spring Break) Dublin Ireland Europe
Limerick Ireland Europe
*Embedded: MIS 497 - Social Media Management & Analytics for Leisure Services - Abington Kingston Jamaica Latin America & Caribbean
Montego Bay Jamaica Latin America
*Embedded: NURS 499 - Foreign Studies - Nursing - Schuylkill (Spring Break) San Francisco de Yojoa Honduras Latin America
*Embedded: RPTM 397 - Creating Worldwide Events and Experiences - University Park (Spring Break) Paris France Europe
*Embedded: RUS 197 - Cultural Immersion in Post-Soviet Georgia - University Park (Spring Break) Tbilisi Georgia Europe
*Embedded: SC 475 - Anatomy in Italy: Cadavers, Culture, and Science - University Park (Spring Break) Bologna Italy Europe
Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
*Embedded: SPAN 2/3/10/20 / SC 120N Spanish Culture of Plants, People and Places - Abington Santiago Dominican Republic Latin America
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Latin America
*Embedded: SUST 150N - The Science of Sustainable Development - Greater Allegheny Oaxaca Mexico Latin America