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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Beijing, China; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; London, United Kingdom; Manchester, United Kingdom; Mumbai, India; Osaka, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, China; Shenzhen, China; Tokyo, Japan; Virtual, Virtual
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Host Program Website: Visit host website for more information
  • Budget Sheets: Summer
  • Dates / Deadlines
Program Description:


CRCC Asia seeks to maintain accessibility to global work experiences while supporting all students through structured programming, professional advising, and a guided online curriculum.


  • 18 years of age or above
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing at Penn State
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA or better at the time of application
  • Sophomore standing or above at the start of the program

Program Description

Virtual International internships provide the unique opportunity to participate in real working environments from the safety of your own home. You’ll be fully supervised and supported as you gain industry knowledge from within your chosen career field, after which you’ll be able to add the host company to your CV/resume as you would with any other internship. Completing a remote internship demonstrates adaptability, problem solving skills, and the ability to motivate oneself – all skills which are highly sought after by employers.
Students are required to intern for 8 weeks.

All virtual interns through CRCC will have access to:
  • Guaranteed international internship in your country of choice
  • A dedicated acareer coach
  • Access to CareerBridge – global internship curriculum
  • Weekly group discussions or business webinars
  • Full end of program report


Available Career Fields

Business; Computer Science & IT; Creative, Design, & Fashion; Engineering; Entrepreneurship & Start Up; Finance; Real Estate; Health, Wellness, and Sports Management; Health Care & Pharmaceutical;  Green Technology, Sustainability, & Environment Protection; International Development, NGO, & Social Impact; Marketing; Communications, Media, & Publishing; Logistics & Supply Chain; Recruitment & HR; Urban Planning & Architecture.

Internship Course

The Education Abroad Office cannot approve your internship, we only facilitate the course equivalency process explained below.

Course Selection

To find out if the internship is appropriate for you, and if it fits into your degree requirements, you will need to work with your academic adviser. Suggested tips:
  • Research how many work hours your are required to work to be able to gain academic credit,
  • Meet with your academic adviser to discuss potential internship course abroad and your degree requirements,
  • Keep in mind that for some majors international internships are really hard to incorporate into academic progress, due to their registration timeline, as well as the hours of work you can fulfill. Before applying and committing, please talk with international internships adviser and your academic adviser to understand the academic requirements you need to fulfill.
  • To register for the internship courses on this program, or gain internship credits you will work with CRCC Asia adviser.
Upon acceptance, you will be enrolled in CRCC-295: CRCC Asia Internship Course. This is a custom-created course designed to help you draw connections between your coursework and the practical application of your studies in a professional work environment.

Academic Policies

  • You must enroll in a minimum number of 1 credits and a maximum number of 1 credits 
  • You cannot take any courses abroad on a Pass/Fail basis
  • You may not take sport or physical activity courses (e.g. sailing, bowling, yoga, etc.) abroad
  • If you are studying abroad in your final semester at Penn State, please note that Penn State may not receive your grades in time for graduation.

Course Equivalency Process

In order for courses from abroad to appear on your Penn State transcript, each course must be given a course equivalency. The same is with internship credits. Please visit the Academics section of the Global Programs website for information on the course equivalency process.  

Because each internship placement is unique, all abroad internships require a course equivalency request. Instead of solely a syllabus, please upload with your equivalency form a description of your internship that includes:
  1. Syllabus from institution (if available)
  2. A detailed summary of the work you did on the internship
  3. Internship location
  4. Number of hours worked
  5. Language in which the majority of the work was completed
  6. Daily duties
  7. Special tasks and projects
  8. Must be formatted into single document (doc./docx./PDF only)
The academic portion of the abroad internship often requires a final paper that covers the required information. It is acceptable to submit this final paper as the summary for the course equivalency request if the required information is included in the paper.

Grade and Credit Conversion Scale

Grades and credit conversions from your host institution cannot be changed. They will be converted to Penn State credits and grades based on the following scales:
Grade Conversion Scale
Host Institution Grade Penn State Grade
 A- A-
 B+ B+
 B B
 B- B-
 C+ C+
 C C
 D D
 F F
Credit Conversion Scale
Host Institution Credit Penn State Credit
 1  1

Costs and Funding

Program Costs

Summer Costs

The cost of a program is based on Penn State tuition rates and partner institution fees. Education Abroad works closely with our partners to ensure the most accurate cost estimates, however, fees can change quickly and without prior notice. Consult the cost sheets for your chosen program often and if you have any questions please contact your Education Abroad Adviser


The Education Abroad Office awards a number of grants and scholarships to students who participate in an education abroad program through Global Programs, even for virtual experiences. The application for the scholarships awarded through the Education Abroad Office is included with your program application. Eligibility is based on academic merit and/or financial need. You must have a current FAFSA on file to be awarded. There are additional scholarship opportunities through our partner universities, Penn State Academic Departments, and other sources. To view a full list of scholarships, eligibility requirements, and deadlines visit Funding Study Abroad.

Program Specific Scholarships

Student Aid

Penn State students who plan to study on a Penn State approved program can use most forms of financial aid towards the cost of the program. Exceptions include work-study awards and some athletic scholarships. If you have specific questions regarding your aid awards, contact the Penn State Office of Student Aid

Withdrawal & Refund Policy 

Withdrawal and refund details are dependent on the timing and reason for your withdrawal from a Penn State Education Abroad Program. For specific details and steps on how to withdraw, read the Education Abroad Policies

After Commitment

Once a student has committed to a Penn State Education Abroad program, they are financially responsible for any fees incurred on their behalf. Therefore, if a student plans to withdraw from a program it is their responsibility to immediately notify the Education Abroad office, in writing; email is preferred. 

Regardless of the timing or reason for the withdrawal, the student will be responsible for paying the Education Abroad Administrative Fees. Additional fees from the partner institution will be assessed according to their withdrawal and refund policies at the date of the withdrawal notice.

After the Start of the Program 

If a student withdraws after the start of a program, any adjustment of Penn State tuition charges will be made according to the Tuition Adjustment Schedule as determined by the Office of the Bursar. Students may be responsible for up to 100% of program costs. In most cases, partial credit cannot be awarded for leaving a program before its successful completion.

For additional information on withdrawal policies, separate and apart from financial consequences, please consult the University Senate Policy on Withdrawal and Leave of Absence.

Work Abroad Remotely

General Information

Virtual work experience is a good way to access a career field of your choice anywhere in the world from a safety of your home. Our partners, work experience providers, have a great network of employers in different fields that are willing to give access to their teams students from Penn State. Virtual work is not the same as work abroad, it has some challenges, such as time difference, access to facilities, different work culture and expectations related to the culture, but, at the same time, it gives students not only a chance to explore their potential career choice after graduation, but also to explore and learn about other cultures, gain new knowledge in the field, grow their professional network, and to make an impact as well. The internships abroad are mostly unpaid experience, but they allow for professional growth, learning, and rewarding experience. These programs are offering 'guaranteed' placement, if a student meets all requirements.

Accessibility and Affordability

Having a stable internet connection is key to successful virtual work experience, from the technical point of you. Any specific tools that you would need to do your work, it should be responsibility of an employer to make available for you. However, if you have specific needs when it comes to adaptive technology, please, let international internships adviser know what kind of adaptation you would need to be able to access the work tasks, meetings, and to have a meaningful experience.

Virtual internship programs are more affordable as well. The costs of these programs are up to 10 times more affordable than traditional internships abroad. Although you are working from home, this is still a good way to meet future colleagues in your career field, build and network, and potentially get your foot in the door for after the graduation.

International Students

It is possible for non-U.S. Citizens to intern abroad through Penn State virtual internships? Absolutely! And - you do not need an additional visa to be able to work in other country. Plus - all other benefits explained above!


It is important to understand what kind of skills you need, and you could develop, by engaging in virtual work experience programs. This might not be for all students, but - if you are motivated, open to new working cultures, self-reliant and agile, flexible, but also organized, love project based work - this would be a great experience for you.
Career Services have put together very useful guidelines on how to make the most out of the virtual work experience. We would like to add, try to be present on all virtual cultural and professional development meetings organized by either your employer or the internship provider. Even from the safety of your home, you still can learn about other cultures, and have a critical time to reflect about your work, learning while doing, and about your own personal and professional goals.

Next Steps

Steps to Virtual Internship

First, make sure that the virtual internship will work academically for you, and think if the virtual work experience is something you would be able to enjoy and plan with the rest of your academic responsibilities. There are some good tips on how to navigate a virtual work experience on Penn State Career Services website.

How to Apply

Click the “Apply Now” button on this page to get started!

Application procedures can vary by program. Students should consult the application instructions available within each application. For more information, see the Application Process section of the Global Penn State website. 


You must apply to this program by the Penn State deadline. For a list of deadlines visit the Application Process page of the Global Programs website.

Deadline: January 20, 2021

Contact Education Abroad 

If you have general questions about Education Abroad opportunities at Penn State, please email

Peer Advisers

Education Abroad Peer Advisers are Penn State study abroad returnees who advise students on education abroad opportunities at Penn State. Each Peer Adviser can explain program options, give an overview of the study abroad process, as well as provide information about their experience abroad. Peer Advisers have walk-in hours in Boucke Building during the fall and spring semester when classes are in session. For more information, visit the Education Abroad Peer Adviser website. 

Education Abroad Advisers 

Education Abroad Advisers can provide information about courses, support services, application processes, housing details, program costs, cultural expectations, pre-departure requirements, and much more. Education Abroad Advisers have two types of meetings - scheduled appointments and walk-ins. For more information about how to meet with an Education Abroad Adviser, please visit the Global Penn State website

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For information about upcoming events, scholarship opportunities, deadlines, and much more visit the Global Programs Events Calendar and follow us on social media!

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2021 01/20/2021
02/25/2021 TBA TBA
Summer 2022 03/01/2022 03/11/2022 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed